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Madurodam, The Hague – a review

Just outside of the city center in The Hague, Madurodam is a wonderful mini version of the Netherlands created in model form. It’s a fascinating place packed with plenty for families to see and do. It’s perfect to visit on a trip with kids.

The history of Madurodam, The Hague, Netherlands

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Madurodam is named after George Maduro – a Dutch resistance fighter in the Second World War. He was ultimately betrayed and died in Dachau Concentration Camp.

George’s parents set up Madurodam in his memory. A miniature world where children can enjoy themselves and funds raised go back to support good causes.

A visit to the little world of Madurodam, The Hague, Netherlands

What to do in Madurodam, The Hague

It really is a great morning or afternoon out.

The park is a perfect size. Packed full of plenty to do but not overwhelming so that you feel you’ll never be able to get around it.

Madurodam is split into three themes – city center, water world and innovation island.

And there are plenty of activities in each of these. From trying to put a fire out on a boat (that requires teamwork).

Team work required

To work out how the locks operate in the canals.

Operating the locks

I really like how you can see all of The Netherland’s highlights in one place. From the Peace Palace in The Hague to the tulips at the Keukenhof. And all of the infrastructure like Schipol airport and the Hook of Holland ferry terminal.

Hook of Holland ferries

3D models

We also really enjoyed getting scanned for our 3D models.

At €59 they were a little pricey for us to buy but a great idea and a very unusual souvenir.

Our three children – aged three, six and eight – loved racing around and spotting the trains coming past and the cars driving around.


One of the highlights of the park was the DJ booth. Here you could have a go at mixing your own tunes and watching the little people dance as you entertained them.

The raves

A great aspect of Madurodam is that you get a card when you enter the park which you can register to an email address. You will then be emailed photographs and activities from the day.

So we now have our six and eight-year-olds DJing as a reminder on our computers.

We really loved Madurodam. The ethos behind its creation and the fun they have managed to cram into this little world.


Find out more about Madurodam here. And read more about our adventures in the Netherlands and our bumper guide to Netherlands with kids here.

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