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Quote1.png I have never feared loss of life in a very long time. The factor is… dying, it is form of my superpower. Quote2.png

—Phil Coulson


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The Zephyr has destroyed the Challenge Perception satellite tv for pc earlier than it might full its launch, however within the course of revealed its location to the SHIELD brokers on the bottom who’re unknowingly the pawns of Hydra and the Chronicoms. Immediately, the Lighthouse goes into lockdown and mechanically targets the Zephyr; Coulson guesses the Chronicoms had compromised the system. One missile damages the temporal shielding on the airplane, which might rip the Zephyr to items the following time they bounce by time. Stoner then begins to interrogate Coulson and Might about their true motive for being within the Lighthouse. Might comes into contact with certainly one of Stoner’s underlings in the course of the questioning, and when she feels nothing from her the 2 of them understand the Chronicoms have begun Changing SHIELD brokers with their very own. Coulson is skeptical as a result of agent’s expression of emotion that Chronicoms lack, earlier than Might begins to let her frustration repeatedly mourn him when he retains coming again to life. They then concluded that the Chronicoms can efficiently masquerade as people by copying their reminiscences. They escaped from their holding room and save Basic Stoner moments earlier than a Chronicom Hunter would have stolen his face. Basic Stoner, now absolutely believing their story about face-stealing, time-traveling alien/robots, presents to assist them by evacuating the bottom earlier than the Chronicoms can get to anybody else.

Coulson splits off from Might and Stoner to discover an space someway beneath the bottom stage of the Lighthouse, and discovers the Chronicoms’ ship buried beneath the power. He interfaces with a tool that brings him into contact with the Chronicoms’ predictor, Sibyl, who can see the completely different strands of time that would have been, guiding them to the factors up to now the place they may make the most important change. Sibyl explains that the Chronicoms do not worth human life due to how quick their lives are, however Coulson counters that by mentioning how life experiences make these lives price one thing earlier than reminding her of what number of instances he has died and are available again. Coulson detonates the fees to destroy the Chronicom Hunters on the ship who that has not but been deployed – and himself.

In the meantime, Daisy and Sousa get up and uncover they’re prisoners of Nathaniel Malick. After explaining his motives to them, Malick has his goons take Daisy away so he can surgically switch her Inhuman powers to himself; he’s additionally satisfied that Sousa has gradual growing older powers. Sousa is helpless as he watches Malick tear aside her physique. Daisy is in a dire situation and almost unconscious when she is lastly introduced again to him, so Sousa tells her his warfare tales in a determined try that she will keep centered sufficient on them to not slip away. He then finds a bit of bloodied glass lodged in her palm and realizes she nonetheless had some battle in her. When a guard involves verify on them, Sousa stabs him within the abdomen earlier than knocking him out. As he collects Daisy, Malick, unable to manage Daisy’s powers, by accident tears down the barn the place he is holding them.

Simmons, Deke and Enoch repair the Zephyr whereas Mack and Yo-Yo rescue Mack’s dad and mom from the Lighthouse. Deke finds Enoch seemingly experimenting on Simmons whereas she’s unconscious, and takes him down with a defibrillator to rescue his “nana.” As soon as acutely aware, nevertheless, Simmons reveals she has a tool in her neck that inhibits her reminiscences, defending Fitz whereas he observes the Chronicoms’ actions by time from an uncovered location. With out Enoch to repair her reminiscences, Simons and Deke have to determine learn how to restore the time machine on their very own.

Within the Lighthouse, Mack awkwardly tries to maintain his identification a secret from his dad and mom as they make their escape. They’re ambushed by Luke earlier than they’ll escape, however they’re saved by the well timed arrival of Might and Basic Stoner (the latter armed with a Chronicom weapon). Might says her goodbyes to Basic Stoner, advising him to desert the Lighthouse beneath the pretext of a Hydrogen Wave Disaster, earlier than leaving with Yo-Yo, Mack, and his dad and mom – conscious that Coulson wouldn’t be coming again with them now however sure that he would some day. Mack’s dad thanks Might for serving to rescue them whereas they fly again to the Zephyr, however when he touches her shoulder, Might feels nothing from him just like the agent from earlier. Realizing Mack’s dad has been changed with a Chronicom, Might has Mack verify a wound he acquired on his arm throughout their escape. Together with his cowl blown, each of Mack’s dad and mom assault the brokers of SHIELD and reveal they killed his actual dad and mom some time in the past. Yo-Yo breaks the daddy Chronicom’s neck, whereas Mack is pressured to toss the Chronicom along with his mom’s face from the quinjet.

The group – what’s left of it – regroups on the Zephyr earlier than it leaps by time once more, dejected over all that is occurred. Sousa decides he’ll see this battle by to the top. As soon as the airplane jumps to a different time, Mack will get on a bike and rides away. Deke follows after him, however the airplane all of the sudden leaps by time once more, leaving them stranded up to now.


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