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The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar, Fife

I had absolutely no idea quite how many species of deer there are in the world. The Scottish Deer Center in Cupar, Fife brings a number of these together in a really accessible way. And it still leaves them with plenty of space to roam.

About The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar, Fife

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Just outside Deride in Fife this fantastic park is a great place for a day out where you can get up close to the herds of deer and learn more about these beautiful creatures.

The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar, Fife

Feeding the deer

We started our day out by picking up some of the bags of food at the ticket desk. Then we headed to the fields filled with deer you can feed.

It is clear that some of the animals can be fed and others must not be and this is clearly labeled.

The children loved walking alongside the herd and holding out their hands for the pellets to be gently nibbled from them (don’t worry there are plenty of places to wash hands).

It was wonderful to watch these animals gracefully trot around the fields, content in their little communities. We loved learning all about them from all of the information stations around the grounds.

Different species at The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar

One of our favorite deer was the Elk. These species were absolutely huge.

I’d always imagined deer to be small, delicate creatures but these were large and yet still quite gentle.

One of the mothers had given birth three days earlier and it was so lovely to watch the babies find their feet and explore their world.

Baby Elks

As well as the deer there were other activities to keep everyone entertained. For example, a great treetop walk which also informed us about the much beleaguered red squirrel.

We found out about them as we walked over the top of some of the deer enclosures.

treetop walk


There is also a whole section that looks at predators to the deer such as wolves and bears.

You could see these animals through the fence but I liked how big their enclosures were. They had plenty of space to hide away or play with interesting structures.


Play areas at The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar

And there were some great play areas for children, all set out by age group.

We liked the wooden play area that is about half way around the walk-through.

Play area - The Scottish Deer Centre, Cupar, Fife, Scotland

There is also a large indoor play area for rainy days. As well as a great race track with pedal go-karts to burn off a little more energy.


We really enjoyed the Scottish Deer Centre. It’s a really informative day out with well-cared-for animals and great for all age groups.

With a cafe and farm shop on site, you can easily make a day out of a trip here.

Find out more about the Scottish Deer Centre here and check out our post on the top things to do in Fife with kids.

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